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Is all your produce certified organic?

Ninety percent of our produce is certified organic. If the produce is not certified organic, it has been sourced from the handful of trusted local farmers we’ve worked with over the years who do not use sprays or pesticides. Due to their small scale, these local farmers have chosen not to go through the costly process of organic certification.


No. You can order a single delivery at any time. You can also set up recurring orders -- weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery -- for any OTB Food Boxes or items at The Market. When you sign up for any recurring Kitchen Boxes, you get a 5% discount. You can change your preferences at any time or pause for the holidays.

when will i receive my food box?

We deliver between Sunday evening and Monday morning at 6:00 a.m. Order by Tuesday at noon to make our delivery deadline.

what if i don't like something in my upcoming box?

Food Boxes are fully customizable. You will receive a weekly email reminding you to log onto your account to swap out any unwanted items for a credit you can use at The Market.

how will my food stay cold if i'm not home?

Cold items such as dairy, meat, or fish are packed in an insulated bag with ice. We deliver at night, so items will be on your doorstep either Sunday evening between 6-9 (parts of LA), or by 6 a.m. on Monday. In most cases you can expect to wake up Monday morning to a fresh box of food on your doorstep, ready to start the week.

How is my produce packed?

All produce selections are packed in a specially designed box liner bag that releases ethylene gases which accelerate ripening. We recommend storing your more delicate greens and berries inside this liner bag in your crisper drawer.

is delivery free?

There is a delivery fee of $5 for boxes throughout most of Los Angeles, but for addresses in OC, San Diego and areas north of Los Angeles, as far as Santa Barbara, the delivery fee is $10.

HOW do i customize my box?

Click the shopping cart for the applicable week. Follow the link that reads “Customize Bag”. Tick-box away any unwanted items. Click the “Submit” button. Your store credit for The Market will appear. Make sure to apply your credit on the very same delivery, as they do not roll over to any other delivery.

HOW do i make a last minute cancellation?

If you forget to cancel your box or have a last minute emergency, please let us know as quickly as possible. Most cancellations made within an hour or two of your card being charged on Tuesday at 12:00 noon can be forgiven, and that payment will become a credit for your next box. Late cancellations will incur a $35 cancellation fee to cover pre-production assembly and processing. Thank you for your understanding.

HOW do i know what's in a kitchen box?

There are two ways to find out what’s in a box. When you add a Kitchen Box to your shopping cart, you'll automatically see all of the items listed. Every week we email a link to our blog where there is a full description of the next week’s box and corresponding recipes. In addition, at the bottom of the Kitchen Box webpage, we list the recipes for the upcoming boxes.

HOW do i order a gift?

You can either use our Gift Certificate tool (available in the top right-hand corner of the homepage) or place an order for yourself and then change your delivery address to the address of the recipient.

if i have a special order, what do i do?

We regularly create special orders – from fruit selections for an office meeting to large corporate gift orders. Please email your request to info@outoftheboxcollective.com or call us on 310.745.3556. We are happy to set up your custom order.

HOW do you minimize food miles and waste?

OTB makes every effort to minimize our environmental footprint. We are certified for our social and environmental mission by B Corp, and we have been honored as a “Best for the World 2016” company, which means we score in the top 10% of B Corps in our category. The SBC (Sustainable Business Council of LA) awarded us the 2016 B Corp award because of our ongoing efforts to support local makers and growers who are stewards of the land. We also minimize our carbon footprint by moving food shorter distances, and by using very little packaging on produce items. We collect empty boxes, insulated bags and ice packs each week when we drop off a new box. Once the materials are no longer usable, we recycle them. We constantly look for ways to improve and streamline every aspect of our operation.



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