The Narrative Food story

At Narrative Food (formerly known as Out of the Box Collective) we believe nourishment comes from way more than calories, proteins, and fats. We are also nourished by food memories and culture, by our community, and by our friends and family. Our approach to healthy food happens in the context of a healthy food system and a healthy community.

Narrative Food carefully considers how the food in our boxes was grown and produced, as well as the stories of the people who grew it. Each week Narrative Food Provision boxes are curated around the stories behind local, seasonal ingredients and food makers. They inspire so many different recipes, from different cultures, traditions, restaurants and chefs -- and these stories, in turn, create the lasting memories for our customers. We also work with cutting edge technology to help our customers explore how the narrative written in their own genetic code impacts which specific foods best support their wellness goals.

Narrative Food has been delivering nutrition based well-being to 1000 zip codes across SoCal every week since 2010. We source small batch organic foods -- produce, pastured meats, wild caught fish, heirloom grains and some of LA’s most iconic prepared items like bread, halva, kimchi and more. Every box is accompanied with recipes designed to inspire and delight our demanding customer base. We also provide optional services to complete the food deliveries: Home Chef services, and personalized meal planning to support your wellness goals.

We are very proud to be a Certified B Corp, which means that we have been audited to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We were honored as "Best for the World"​ in the area of Community, for the past three years. We were also awarded the B Corp Award by the Sustainable Business Council of LA in 2016.

Each year we post our annual report at the SEC.  Here is the 2020 report.

The Narrative Food Team

CEO, Founder

After working for 25 years as a screenwriter in Europe – where people have a very different relationship to food – Jennifer returned to the US and founded Out of the Box Collective in 2010, with the goal of inspiring people to get back into their kitchens with amazing ingredients, and back around the table with their loved ones creating lasting memories and building their health at the same time. In 2019, Jennifer renamed her company Narrative Food, since story telling has always been central to everything she does, whether with images or with with food.

Creative Director

Since moving California 10 years ago, B.Evy-Marie has passionately established her new roots in the local food system–volunteering with food recovery organizations, fruit tree distribution, styling/writing as well as farmers market sourcing and creative project management for local event/restaurants.

Head of Culinary & Chef Services

Chef Carlos was born in Cali, Colombia and raised in Southern California. He began working in the culinary industry at 18 and has traveled across the country learning new techniques and flavors. He has worked for some of the most revered chefs around from Thomas Keller, Jordan Khan and Sean Brock to name a few. Continuously broadening his vision to food, one thing will never change, food must come from the soul. Using only the freshest ingredients from local farmers, he strives to put honest food on a plate.

Head of Nutritional Services

Alle Weil is a Holistic Nutritionist certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She specializes in uncovering hidden food allergies, correcting digestive issues, women’s health and hormonal imbalances, and mood-related issues. Incorporating traditional Eastern modalities and modern research, Alle creates integrative solutions to cultivating and sustaining health, combining diet and nutritional supplementation, lifestyle changes, and counseling methods.

Media Director

Wyatt is an award winning filmmaker and photographer. He trained at the American Film Institute Conservatory, and for the last several years has been filming a series in Montana about the modern day American West seen through the eyes of children. As a photographer, Wyatt travelled to the remote villages of Bashkortostan, Russia, to capture life with the local Bashkirs. www.wyattmaw.com.

Warehouse Supervisor

A trained chef, and ex-swimmer, Terri loves working at Narrative Food because of our wonderful team. As she says "We work hard, but we have alot of fun doing it". Thank you Terri for always bringing a smile to the warehouse.

Production Supervisor

For several years now, and without ever calling in sick, 50 weeks a year, Everto has devoted every single weekend, both Saturday & Sunday to filling our boxes with food. The most dedicated, hard working and good natured employee one could ever ask for.

King of the OJ Machine

Cristobal is responsible for the legendary OJ we make every week from local organic oranges. And when he's done manning the Juicing machine, he lends a hand with the pack. Always smiling and laughing, he also keeps the music playing.


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