How It Works

Out of the Box Collective combines your three favorite ways to shop for food
into one perfect home delivery experience. Don't settle for just one, when you can have it all! 

Farmer's Market | Meal Kit | CSA Farm Box

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What We Provide

Out of the Box Collective is your organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box meets artisanal market, and meal inspiration kit. We have high expectations and strict standards when it comes to the foods we source,
outlined by our B-Corp Certification.

We are committed to providing you with
• farm-fresh, organic & non-GMO produce
• grass-fed, antibiotic-free meats & seafood
• allergy-friendly, gluten-free
• vegan and vegetarian options
• sustainable practices
• reusable and recyclable packaging 

The Many Ways to Eat Out of The Box

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We offer a variety of sizes & diet options to fit you and your family's needs. Choose from our themed curated boxes to our traditional CSA produce boxes. Add on to any box or shop a la carte from our grocery and pantry selections. 

Subscribe to receive boxes weekly, bi- weekly, or monthly. Hold your service while you travel, and cancel at any time. 

Allergies? Preferences? No problem — you can customize your box to suit your tastes! Before each delivery, you'll receive an itemized list for your upcoming box. 

Log in to swap out anything you dislike, and use your applied credit at The Market to add new items, and order foods you enjoy.

Dictated by the season and inspired by foodies and culinary leaders, we provide the ingredients to create the included recipes.

Choose to follow along, or simply use as your own weekly culinary inspiration. 

Our boxes are flexible so you can chop, cook & eat to your liking. 


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