"Piette approaches food from an environmental perspective and only sources food from people she considers to be 'stewards of the land' who are producing 'clean food'... Piette says she is more concerned about 'a long-term, holistic solution to our lost food culture' and 'reliance on on mass-production' than a strictly local diet."  
-- LA Times


It's a winning formla -- the local economy is supported, and people get better, healthier, fresher food, while lowering the region's overall carbon footprint by limiting trips to the grocery store."
-- Seedstock



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"Imagine the Farmers Market being delivered right to your doorstep, getting the freshest ingredients from local and sustainable farms." -- Taryn Cox


"I'm a huge fan. This is as good as it gets without running to 3 or 4 farmers markets a week. I know because that's what I was doing. The greatest benefit is that you get the products from the Santa Barbara area food shed (which is the best in my opinion) delivered to your door in the greater LA area. Calculate your personal time and gas and you cannot bring this food home for these prices. I still keep in touch at local farmers markets as it's a big part of supporting farmers - but this is an anchor to that process - especially if you are tight on time." -- Charles "Chuck" Barth on Local Harvest


"I joined CSAs when I lived in other states and I was a regular at the one in Topanga when I lived there. This is a very different experience, and I find the variety and substance of the Couples box is enough to get my family of 3 through most of the week (leaving 1 night to go out, or two, if I want to freeze something). There are bigger boxes for larger families. One of the best features is the meal plans. I don't have to think about what to make for dinner each night; the recipes are all made from what's in the box. This actually saves me money on groceries!" -- Jeanne Ringe on Local Harvest


"We have been so fortunate to be part of the OOTB family from the very beginning. If there was a 10* rating, that would be appropriate. Every fruit, vegetable carefully selected, every time you open the box - it's filled with fragrant, fresh, magnificent gifts from nature. They work with all dietary needs, flexible and accommodating. I am so grateful to stretch our culinary curiosity, and include items that we have never even heard of! And to make it even easier, the meal plan recipes are just as exciting. Even as experienced "chef" you'll find yourself learning new ways to prepare. They are quite reasonable in price as well, picking up items at farmers markets just for a dinner can come to the amt you pay for a week! This is what produce is meant to look, small and taste."-- Gabriella H. on Yelp


"Out of the Box provides an exceptional service! Jennifer and her company assemble a mouth-watering, high-quality spread of organic and locally-produced foodstuffs for us every week and deliver it right to our doorstep for us to wake up to in the morning. The contents are always fresh and securely packed, and OTB goes one step further in providing weekly recipes that capitalize on the ingredients they provide. There's also room to customize your box and pick from some great local food artisans and vendors so the experience is never-- if you'll pardon the pun-- stale. When things do go awry, Jennifer is very quick to respond to my concerns and act to keep her service top-notch. Fantastic customer support. I heartily recommend Out of the Box." -- John C. on Yelp


“This is the wave of the future!! Out of the Box Collective has assembled an unbelievable arsenal of local produce, wine, cheese, honey, grain, meat and sauce vendors and put together the most mouthwatering weekly food delivery ever!  If you are like me, and need a little help with meal inspirations- they provide recipes for all the ingredients for the week.  It is a dream come true for a busy locavore!!" -- Lauren M. on Yelp


"I just love receiving my organic box full of great treats.  You never quite know what you'll get...just like Christmas when you are a young kid.  Everything is so perfect.  The vegetables, the meat, the grocery items and the recipes are so easy to follow and so creative!  It's a wonderful idea, perfectly executed." -- Duncan R. on Yelp


“Few things have been more inspiring — or educational — than talking to Jennifer about her passion project Out of the Box Collective, a curated food delivery service based out of and serving southern California. After meeting up for our Santa Barbara Farmer's Market expedition, I can say from first hand experience, Jennifer is connected to food, interested in the history of it, how it's made, and how the person responsible for it came to fall into such a position. I've read my fair share of books about "fixing" food, many of which leave me spinning with enthusiasm and quickly thereafter riddled with the guilt of wasted efforts and this, in Jennifer's opinion, is the problem. Not the books, definitely not the information, but guilt. Feeling negative emotions around food and a continuous loop of up and down, lacking celebration, ceremony, tradition, and possibly the most important facet around food: relationships.” --Adrienne The Free Spirited


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